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How It's Work

VTOKEN FINANCE accepts liquidity providers assets. It gathers funds near market prices to provide sufficient liquidity. In order to minimize counterparty risks for LP, VTOKEN FINANCE dynamically adjusts market prices to encourage arbitrage to step in and stabilize LP portfolios.

What makes it different?

Liquidity Protocol

VTOKEN FINANCE is a liquidity protocol powered by the VTOKEN algorithm.

Contract-Fillable Liquidity

VTOKEN FINANCE contract fillable liquidity is comparable to centralized exchanges.

Price Discovery

VTOKEN FINANCE offers an independent price discovery mechanism for long tail assets.

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Sale price: 0.01 BNB = 1000 VTN

Minimum buy: 0.01 BNB Maximum buy: 10 BNB

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Invite your friends to buy & receive 30% BNB+70% VTN

Example, Your friend claim or buy 1000 VTN You receive 0.003 BNB + 700 VTN

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Disclaimer: This whitepaper might be updated as the VToken and project progress.

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Main Road Map VToken.Finance

  1. Q4 2020
    Idea Concept
  2. Q1 2021
    Complete Design
  3. Q2 2021
    Roadmap, Whitepaper Completed
  4. Q2 2021
    Token Development, Open Sale, Community Big Event
  5. Q3 2021
    Community Big Event, Partnership List, Open Trade Market
  6. Q4 2021
    Distribution Event Airdrop
  7. Q2 2022
    Multi Network Bridge Open
  8. Q4 2022
  9. Q1 2023
    Mobile Platform Launch
  10. Q2 2023
    Update List
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